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In lawn care task, leaf blower plays a vital role. This machine is used most of the time to clean fallen leaves, debris from the driveway and pathway.

In winter, you can even clean snow by using a leaf blower, do you know? This machine is costly.

That’s why keep it under regular maintenance is mandatory.

Moreover, a well-maintained leaf blower will work efficiently for a long time. Today I will talk about some effective and basic leaf blower maintenance tips with you.

To achieve optimal efficiency, comfort and performance, make sure to consider these below tips to keep your leaf blower in great shape and ready for the long cleanup season.

Read the manufacturers Guide

Though many people skip reading the manufacturers guidelines before operating the machine still, it’s important to read the manuals for the greater good.

Every blower doesn’t work in the similar method. So, before operating or maintaining your leaf blower, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully. It will give you a complete knowledge of the machine.

Use the Right Fuel

Using old fuel or mix fuel with high amounts of ethanol can hamper your equipment’s working efficiency. While mixing fuel for backpack leaf blower, make sure to use gas with an 89 percent octane rating and use less than 10 percent ethanol content.

Always mixed fuel in an approval fuel container and do not let it store for more than 30 days. If you store it for longer than 30 days, ethanol can begin to separate and create a gum-like residue inside your backpack leaf blower.

Habits for Leaf Blower MaintenanceKeep the blower Clean

To ensure your gas or electric powered leaf blower’s working efficiency, you have to keep your blower clean from dust and buildup. For electric blower, wipe off the outside of the blower gently and check the blower for any cracked or damaged areas.

For gas powered leaf blower, make sure to keep the air filter and spark plug clean. Don’t let any dirt buildup. If you found any dirt, make sure to wipe it off. If you found any split in gas lines or any electrical problem, make sure to contact your local service center.

Check the filters

If you found any problem in the air filter or fuel filter, make sure to take care of it. To keep the air filter clean, remove the air filter cover first and check it. Then clean the filter gently. You have to change or replace the air filter if you don’t see the lights through the filter.

For fuel filter, at first, pull the fuel line from the fuel tank and remove the old filter from the line. Then replace a new filter with it. Keep in mind, to find the correct replacement of your blowers filter, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s manuals first.

Check the wear and tear

It’s common for equipment parts to wear out in continues use. If you found wear out of your tools makes sure to replace it over time. If you don’t replace it, it can cause your leaf blower to break down. Be sure to check the wear first. Components like the blower throttle or lock trigger can become loose or wear out from a long term use. So check those parts and replace the parts when necessary.

Be sure to check gas leaks and consistently check that the starter rope is strong and not frayed, tubes are tight and well-connected to each other. Also, check that switches are operating smoothly and buttons don’t stick.

Storing tips for a leaf blower

Before store, your leaf blower, make sure to follow these below tips. Hope those will keep your blower well and give you less hassle while work:

  • Allow the leaf blower to cool before you store.
  • Store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. This will ensure that fumes won’t come into contact with sparks or open flames.
  • Make sure your storing place is out children reach.
  • For long-term storage, manufacturers recommended to run the fuel system dry or store the blower with the tank full of fuel mixed with a fuel stabilizer.

Contact with professionals

If you find anything unusual that doesn’t fit with your regular leaf blower maintenance, make sure to contact the professionals or your local service center.

Final words

Well-maintenance increases the equipment’s longevity. So make sure to follow those steps and make your leaf blower more working efficiently.

Before starting your blowing work, check three things most: tension spring, device, and cord. Make sure those are in good condition. If those aren’t in good condition, purchase new ones and replace.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some tips and tricks. Till then stay healthy and share your valuable opinion with us.

Have a good day!

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