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Already covered you RV with a good RV Cover? You think it’s enough to keep your RV safe from harmful elements? Actually, it keeps the RV safe but what about tires? An RV cover cannot give the best protection to the tires. You might find your RV is ready to rock and roll but the tire is ruined next summer! Yes, that can happen if you don’t keep the RV tire well protected with a best RV tire cover.

Let’s face it, RV cover is for the body and the entire part of the RV except for tires. It will keep the tire protected but not as much as you expected. That’s why keeping tire covers for RV is extremely important.

The market doesn’t have many options when it comes to RV tire covers. Though you will find some, most of them are useless. That’s why it is tough to find a good RV tire cover set. Don’t worry, this article is your solution to that.

Best RV Tire Cover Reviews: Our Picks

As I said earlier, finding RV tire cover is not an easy task as it assumes. If you go to the market and pick one without any further judgment, you will regret in the next session.


Because the cover will not be able to help the tires if it is a crap! That’s why it is extremely important to find the best one. To help you out in this matter we researched the market and ended up with few products that are worth mentioning.

I hope after reading the best RV tire cover reviews you will easily be able to find the ultimate one according to your budget.

Let’s start the review!

ELUTOTire Covers for RV Wheel 

ELUTO Tire Covers for RV Wheel is in the first place of our best RV tire cover article because of few reasons. First of all, it fits 27 to 29 inch tires perfectly. So, you can use this set for your RV, Motorhome, Jeep, Car, Truck and even camper. The cover is constructed heavily with premium quality materials.

It is made of waterproof oxford and cotton wool lining that prevents tire oxidation, sun damage, corrosion and damage by the frost. So, the tire cover is suitable for every season. The price is also reasonable.

Focusing Aspects:

  • Prevent tire oxidation, sun damage, corrosion and damage by the frost
  • Fit 27 to 29 inch tire diameters
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Ensure secure fit
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Protect against all type weather damage

RVMasking Tire Covers for RV Wheel 

The RVMasking Tire Cover for RV Wheel Set is the second entry in our list. The cover set is ideal for RV, trailer, motorhome, jeep, car truck camper with 29-31.75 inches of diameter.

The construction quality is amazing with 3 layers of ripstop non-woven fabric, 1 layer of anti-UV coating and 1 layer of water resistant membrane that keeps the tire secure by preventing tire oxidation, corrosion and damage the frost. It ensures secure feet with elasticized back hem and hooks design for adjustable fit.

The item is suitable for all weather conditions. The price is good as well.

Focusing Aspects:

  • 4 Pack Covers fits in 29-31.75 inches tire diameters
  • Made of 3 layers ripstop non-woven fabric
  • Ensures secure fit
  • Ideal for any weather condition
  • Water resistant and prevent tire oxidation
  • Windproof

Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover

When the name is Classic Accessories, further explanation is not necessary. We all know Classic Accessories is one of the most trusted names in the automobile industry. They believe in quality. And this Classic Accessories RV Wheel Cover is another example of their class. It is a sturdy tire protector made of premium quality fabrics that protects tire against sun rays, dirt and rust.

The cover set fits wheels of 24 inches to 27 inches DIA. Overall, the price is good as well and you can use it in most of the weather conditions.

Focusing Aspects

  • Fits perfectly in 24-27 inches diameters wheel
  • Made of rugged wipe-clean vinyl material
  • Has soft non-scratch black backing
  • Protect against dirt, rust, and harmful UV rays
  • Multiple sizes that offers custom fit
  • Ensures secure fit

Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector

The construction quality of Campo 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector is what made us fall for this product. It is highly made with premium quality fabric. Meaning, it will last and protect the tire extremely well when the vehicle is parked. The cover will keep your RV tire secure from harmful UV rays, dirt, corrosion and all types of weather condition. It is durable and compact.

Focusing Aspects

  • Fits 30″-32″ diameter wheels
  • Provide protection from sun, dirt, corrosion
  • Durable and compact
  • Buckle and strap design for easy installation and removal
  • Weatherproof and ideal for any weather condition

TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Covers for RV

The TCP Global Set of 4 canvas Wheel Tire Cover is another amazing addition in this list. It fits 27.5 inches to 32 inches tire diameters perfectly. As usual, the construction quality is exceptional with durable, thick and breathable canvas materials. It will serve the purpose perfectly and will withstand any weather condition too. The price is reasonable as well.

Focusing Aspects

  • Set of 4 Covers
  • Fits Tire Diameters 27.5″ to 32″
  • Wire embedded rod is sewn into the cover
  • Protects tires and wheels from sun damage, rust and dirt when your RV is parked.
  • Made of durable, thick & breathable canvas material
  • Fits Up to 9 inches Deep-Wide Tires perfectly

ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover

You all know the name ADCO, I am sure! If you have an RV ADCO is a must know name. In the automotive industry, ADCO is another most trusted brand. They offer quality at a reasonable price. This ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover is no exception. It is high in quality and suitable for keeping the RV wheel and tire well protected when it is parked. The price is also not prohibitive. You can give it a try!

Focusing aspects

  • Fits 30″ to 32″ Tires
  • Saves tires from the sun’s damaging UV rays and other environmental hazards
  • Helps prevent premature cracking of sidewalls
  • Available in a set of 4
  • Well-constructed for long term use

Leader Accessories RV Tire/Wheel Covers

Finally, here is the Leader Accessories product for you. Some people always find Leader Accessories, the number one brand in this industry. Leader Accessories never disappoint their customers. That’s the reason.  This Leader Accessories 4pcs RV Tire/Wheel Covers Camper Car Trailer Truck is another example of their quality that fits 29- 31.75 diameter of wheels. The construction quality is amazing as well. In a whole, it is one of the best RV wheel covers of the present time at this price range. Pick before the stock turns out.

Focusing Aspects

  • Fits 29″-31.75″ in diameter
  • Ideal in any weather condition
  • Offers ultimate protection from sun, dirt, corrosion
  • High quality heavy-duty vinyl made with non-scratch soft backing.
  • Eyelet with cord offers a secure fit
  • Comes with Fast and easy slip-on design

AOOTF Tire Covers for RV Wheel

Still wondering which one is the best RV wheel covers among all of those? Well, all of the products are well-built and highly acceptable for the price. But we keep the best one for our last review. We believe all’s well that ends well. So let me introduce you with the AOOTF Tire Covers for RV wheel. It is heavily made and works fine in any weather condition.

The set has a flexible inner edge and nylon hook with buckle design. So, the heavy wind will never be a problem. Overall, the price of this great wheel cover set is acceptable as well.

Focusing aspects

  • Made of heavy-duty, aluminum-lined vinyl with a dense fleece lining
  • Protect the tire from frost or various bad weather conditions
  • Comes in a set of 4
  • Ensure safety in any snowy weather conditions. Tire covers for RVs
  • Easy to install, disassemble and clean without tools
  • Suitable for 30″diameter, 10″ deep tires

RV Spare Tire Cover Reviews: Our Top Picks

Do you want to ruin that spare tire of yours? I guess not! But most of the RV tire covers comes with a set of four. That means you have to shop for spare cover additionally. Thankfully, the price is not that much. Let’s show you some of the finest quality RV Spare Tire Covers quickly:

Camco 45345 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover

Camco 45345 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover fits 28 inch diameter tire. The cover is about 29.6 inch. The construction quality of the tire cover is amazing as the above tire covers. It is made with heavy nylon thread that makes it weatherproof. That means any weather condition, you name it, the tire cover will be there to protect. The price of the cover is not prohibitive as well. You can give it a try as your spare cover.

Focusing aspects

  • Fits 28″ diameter tire
  • Cover measures 29.06″ in diameter
  • Made of Heavy nylon thread
  • Perfect for any weather condition
  • Keep dirt, rain and sun away from spare tire
  • Long lasting and durable

ADCO 1787 Printed Vinyl Tire Cover

The ADCO 1787 Printed Vinyl Tire Cover J is an excellent option for your number five! I mean your spare tire. It is made of premium quality vinyl materials with hollow bead welt cord and elasticized back. So, the cover not only is long lasting but also serves its purpose perfectly.

Focusing Aspects

  • Give protection against UV rays and bird droppings
  • Fits a Spare Tire with 27″ Diameter
  • Made of Heavy duty vinyl with hollow bead welt cord and elasticized back
  • Offers ease of installation
  • Comes with beautiful Tire Flag Design

Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover

The Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover is another amazing option for spare tires. It is also constructed with heavy nylon thread that makes it ideal for any weather condition. The cover fits in 27 diameter wheels perfectly. It cans the tire of your RV from dirt, rain and sun. It is long lasting and the price is reasonable as well.

Focusing Aspects

  • Fits 27 inch diameter tire
  • Cover measures 27.75 inch diameter
  • Made of Heavy nylon thread
  • Waterproof
  • Help keep dirt, rain and sun away from spare tire
  • Long lasting and durable


ADCO 3654 Camouflage #4 Game Creek Oaks Tyre Gard Wheel Cover

Last but not the least, ADCO 3654 Camouflage Wheel Cover is here for you. You all know the class and quality of ADCO products. This ADCO tire cover is no exception. It is exceptionally well-built with P.E.T fabric. Meaning, it will last several years without any issue. The cover will save RV tire in weather condition. It saves tires from UV rays too.

Focusing Aspects

  • Overall diameter between 24 inches and 26 inches
  • Cold Crack Treated
  • Photo-realistic Camouflage Allows Your Tires to Virtually Disappear
  • Secures with Strap and Buckle in the rear
  • An elasticized hem included
  • Protect from UV Rays
  • Made from durable P.E.T. fabric

Final Words

That’s all for the best RV tire covers reviews. I am sure you already selected one from the above list. All of the above RV tire covers are made with quality materials and are very reasonable in terms of price. So, you can easily select one.

However, keeping an RV well protected with RV cover and RV tire cover is extremely important. The vehicle is extremely price and maintenance is also costly. If you properly care the vehicle, it can save lots of your dollar.

I am done for now. If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment below. We are always here to listen to your feedback. Stay connected as we will keep sharing so many everyday necessities.

Best of Luck!

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