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Garden and Lawn need water, a lot of it. This is the ultimate truth of the universe. If you are a gardener or maintain lawn on a regular basis, you know it very well. To water plants in an effective and effortless way, professional gardeners use expandable hose all over the world.

If you are going to start gardening, the first thing you need to pick is the expandable hose. Today, we are here with best expandable hose reviews to help you in this regard.

Before, hoses were thick and heavyweight. People had to give much effort while using those giants. Funny thing is, some of us still using those craps. Fortunately, modern expandable hoses are lightweight, long lasting and more user-friendly.

How an expandable garden hose worksLet’s not waste any more of your time rather get straight to the best magic hose reviews.

Expandable Hose: Selection Procedure

Obvious that you want to know our procedure of product selection.

First of all, our team examines the entire market of expandable hoses. They enlisted several hoses and bring here to our workstation. Our experts analyze everything and used each of the products to know their efficiency.

After that, we consulted with manufacturers to know the making process and materials.

Finally, we ended up with the ultimate 5 expandable hoses.

Best Expandable Garden Hose: 5 Hose Reviews

Check out the best expandable hose reviews below and find out the one for your lawn or garden.

VicTsing Expandable Garden Hose

VicTsing Expandable Garden Hose

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We place the VicTsing Expandable Garden Hose at the top of our best magic hose article because of its quality features, incredible construction quality, efficiency, ease of use and acceptable price. It is the ultimate solution to any garden or lawn area.

The Good

The hose could be expanded up to 50 feet while filled with water and has a solid brass connector, on/off valve and double latex. You can use it for watering plants, vehicle wash, and cleaning patio. The brass fitting is corrosion resistant, so you can use it a long time without any hassle.

Furthermore, the item comes with hundred percent polyester woven cover. You will get the maximum level of flexibility and comfort while using.

The Bad

Some customers complained about leaks and some others found it a bit narrow. Also, people reported that it doesn’t reach exactly 50 feet. Also, you will not get any nozzle with the hose. You have to purchase a nozzle separately.


Though the item has few problems those are minor. While using those problems will not at all give you any irritation. For the price, the item is worth buying. Pick before the stock turns out.

GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

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Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its pros and cons. The GrowGreen Garden Hose is not an exception. Yes, it has some issues but those are not major. The length of the hose is huge which the best part of the item. If you need large area coverage, it has no exception.

The Good

The magic hose is really magical as it starts with 33 feet and expands to 100 feet with water pressure. The best part is it will return to 33 feet within a moment after water is out. The construction quality is fantastic, it will never tangle, twist, or kink. You can easily handle and store it. 8 pattern hose nozzle is the bonus add-in.

The Bad

The item is flimsy and slightly porn to leaks. People reported about split and leaks. But if you use it with the care you don’t have to worry about it. Leaking is a common issue for each and every expandable hose. Just use and maintain it carefully to avoid leaking problem.


As I mentioned earlier, the item also has some issues but not major, so you can purchase it without any hesitation. 100 feet long will defiantly keep you in the beneficial sight. The price is not prohibitive as well.

GrowGreen HEAVY DUTY Flexible Garden Hose

GrowGreen HEAVY DUTY Flexible Garden Hose

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Another 100 feet for you from the mighty GrowGreen Brand. The GrowGreen Heavy-duty Flexible Hose is exceptionally amazing of its class. The construction quality, efficiency, weight and price, everything is fair enough. For larger yard area The GrowGreen Expandable hose is the right choice.

The Good

The fantastic construction quality makes it invincible. The hose will never tangle, twist or kink that’s for sure. You can easily operate and store it. Also, the hose starts at 33 feet and extended to 100 feet. It returns to 33 feet within a second after water is out. You will get a storage sack along with the hose for storing purpose. The hose is lightweight as well.

The Bad

Some users reported leakage problem after a while. Well, the construction is good. If you use it with care, I don’t think it will leak. Other than that the products are fair enough for this price range.


For the price, the GrowGreen Garden Hose Heavy Duty Flexible Hose is one of the best expandable hose of the present time.

Ohuhu Expandable Water Hose

Ohuhu Expandable Water Hose

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To make your watering season simple and efficient the Ohuhu Expandable Water Hose is another fantastic option. The Ohuhu Expandable Hose made of high quality, strong and modern materials. Not only that, it is functional and simple to use. For the price, another best expandable hose you can buy.

The Good

The Ohuhu Expandable Water Hose is widely praised because of fantastic construction quality. It is made of fantastic quality materials including brass connectors, rubber washer, latex pipe, sturdy plastic made valve, zinc alloy spray nozzle, and 3750D polyester cover.

The hose has the ability to withstand 3-13 Bar and temperature of about 41 to 113 degree Fahrenheit. The hose nozzle offers 8 different patterns. The item is retractable, lightweight, highly portable and simple to store.

The Bad

A lot of report about the nozzle. People find leaks on the nozzle attachment. However, most of the people didn’t find any problem as well. So, it is a 50/50 chance. Operation with care might save you from the issue.


According to our experts, Ohuhu is one of the best magic hose options for both newbies and professionals. The cons of the products are not confirmed.

As not everyone experienced issues with nozzles! But the company must take a serious look at the matter. Other than that you can consider the hose for your garden maintenance.

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

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The Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose is considered as one of the most advanced options of the present time. It is useful in every possible way. The price is reasonable, the built quality is good, and it is super simple to use.

The Good

The Flexi Hose is made of highest-quality materials, and the design is latest. Hence the product is long lasting which can be the key factor to consider this product.

You don’t have to be frustrated anymore because of those irritating leaking problem on a garden hose. It’s time to say goodbye to those leaking as the product comes with robust 3/4-inches brass connectors and double latex pipe ensures leak free performance.

The hose can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure and up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature.

Storing the product is easier as well due to the expanding design. The model is lightweight, highly flexible and comes in a length of 17ft. This 17ft. The hose expands as well.

With the hose, you will also get a hose nozzle that offers eight different patterns with several setting for wide ranges of uses.

The Bad

Some current users complained that the nozzle attachment is not that good as it should be. Also, the on/off valve of the hose makes it complicated to screw on. You can even leak after a few years. But all those problems can be solved with the help of Google.


With the fantastic hose nozzle, you can water your plants, clean your pets and wash your cars effectively. The price is not prohibitive. Besides, the negative sides are not anything major. Give it a try; you will surely enjoy the performance.

GardenJoy Garden Hose

GardenJoy Garden HoseOverview

It is time to throw away the old garden hose that doesn’t serve you better. You have the right product in front of you. Yes, I am talking about the GardenJoy Garden Hose known as one of the best magic hose of the present time. Let me explain the product in detail.

The Good

The construction quality of the hose is amazing with solid brass connector and nickel plated additional layer of protection. It is rust and corrosion resistant. With the new technology, the product will last many years without any issue.

The product is leak proof as it has built-in plastic stabilizer design with resistance connection. The solid brass fitting and plastic tail will perfectly protect the hose from leaking.

The product expands on a full length, and it functions great in less than 60psi-116psi. The hose never tangles twists or kinks. It is lightweight, retractable and extends three times the real length.

The Bad

Fortunately, this is the product comes without any drawbacks. It is perfect in every possible way. Though some people found the price is a bit high, but believe me the price is ideal for such quality.


The GardenJoy Garden Hose is the epitome of perfection. The construction quality, price, and every other feature are fantastic. Also, it doesn’t have any drawbacks. So, why not pick the product if the budget matches? Pick it before the stock expires and tell us your experience. 

Crenova 100ft Garden Hose

Crenova 100ft Garden HoseOverview

To create your dream garden this year, the Crenova 100ft Garden Hose can be the best choice. The premium garden hose is a versatile product that can be used for many other purposes apart from for watering your plants. The quality is fascinating. You should check out the positive and negative aspects below:

The Good

The Crenova Zinc ally Hose nozzle offers seven spray patterns including Jet, Shower, Angle, Center, Mist, Sokar and Flat. Nozzles that come with a hose never offer that much pattern. This is the main reason to have the product in the first place.

Furthermore, you will never experience any leaking due to the excellent zinc-iron material that is used to make the connection between brass joint and water pipes stronger than ever.

The hose is about 100ft long yet pretty light with the only 2.23kg of weight. You will get many additional accessories with the package including storage bag and hose hanger.

Also, the Crenova 100ft Garden Hose never tangles, twists or kinks. The price is not prohibitive too.

The Bad

We have tried harder to get one drawback of this fantastic product. But we failed to do so. The manufacturer made the product as an example of perfection. Even the price is reasonable for everyone.


As the Crenova 100ft Garden Hose is durable, lightweight, portable and easy to use, I don’t find any reason to ignore the product. The price is reasonable for such quality. It is perfect for watering, washing, cleaning and washing cars. The product is worth the value; miss at your own risk.

Soled Expandable Garden Hose

Soled Expandable Garden HoseOverview

Not everyone has a high budget range for a garden hose. They want something good at the lowest price range. To keep those consumers on the mind, soled has made this Garden Hose. It is cheap yet better than many other expensive products. Let’s see its details below.

The Good

With double layer, 100% natural latex core the manufacturer claimed that it is the strongest option in the market. But it is not. Still, the product is not flimsy too. If you carefully use the hose, it might last many years. Besides, the product will not crack or leak.

The hose never tangles, twist or kink and it is flexible too. You can easily handle and store this lightweight magic hose. The on/off valve at the end is very simple to use. The product is highly portable and extra-long. You can easily use the hose to water your entire garden area.

The price is inexpensive. Nobody can offer you something better than this in such price range.

The Bad

The product is quite reasonable compared to other products on the list. The manufacturer tried to make it perfect, but in such price range, it is not possible. Hence the material used to make the product is not excellent quality. It might not serve you many years like the other hoses in the list.


If we compare the product with other options on the list, we can say it is not the ultimate best. However, the product still can serve you for a few years if you use it with proper care. For the price, the soled Expandable Garden Hose is worth a try.

Nifty Grower 100ft Garden Hose

Nifty Grower 100ft Garden HoseOverview

The Nifty Grower 100ft Garden Hose expands three times in length. That means the hose will provide you the freedom you always wanted. Also, the construction quality, price and every other feature of the hose tell its excellence. Look below for more specific information.

The Good

I will let you know the three significant reasons to pick the product in the first place. Firstly, let me tell you that construction quality is way better than many other products in the market. It is made of 3750D Polyester Fabric. So the hose will not crack, break, split or crush easily.

Secondly, the product is lightweight and very easy to carry around. You can drag it around to your entire property without much effort. Also, it is pretty convenient to curl and store.

Finally, the cover in which the hose comes is of premium quality. You can store the hose safely on the cover during offseason. There are four brass gaskets included ensuring no-leak connection. The hose will not rust or corrode too.

The Bad

The inside of the diameter of the hose is tiny. It takes much time to fill any container of water which sometimes feels irritating. The price is a bit high as well. But apart from those minor issues, there is nothing I can mention in here.


The Nifty Grower 100ft Garden Hose is fair enough to reach your entire property. Besides, the feature it has is highly efficient. The built quality is good, and the price is okay for the class. So, the magic hose is strongly recommended.

Delxo 100FT Expandable Garden Hose 

Delxo 100FT Expandable Garden Hose Overview

The Delxo 100FT Expandable Garden Hose is an excellent choice for house, car, floor and yard washing. You can also use the hose for garden watering, pet cleaning and having funny shower outdoor. The Garden Hose powered by Delxo is perfect in every aspect. Just have a look below for the details.

The Good

The built quality of the product is impressive with high-quality water-resistant materials. The multi-layer latex core and sturdy outer woven fabric is the secret behind its longevity.

With the hose, you will get a capable nozzle that offers nine different patterns for various purposes. The spray range is from 50cm to 1200cm under standard water pressure.

The product is lightweight only with 5.5lbs of weight. Senior members of your family, children, and women can carry the hose without any issue. It comes in a nylon storage pouch and metal hose holder so it can be store securely while not in use.

The garden is convenient with efficient on-off valve, and it is leak proof as well. The price is fair enough for such quality.

The Bad

The hose doesn’t perform well in low water pressure. If you want to pick the Delxo 100Ft Expandable Garden Hose, you have to ensure that issue. Otherwise, you will not get the service you deserve from this garden hose.


Comparing both the positive and negative side of the product, we can happily mention that the product worth a try. If you are planning to change your garden hose or want to purchase for the first time, remember the Delxo 100FT. It will not disappoint you.

What do you think, is there any expandable hoses on the market better than the ultimate 5? I don’t think so.

For the price, construction, efficiency those are without any hesitation the best expandable hoses in the market. You can purchase anyone from the above list without any hesitation. Yet I suggest you read our buying guide below. It will help you to learn about the product.

Expandable Garden Hose: What to Look

Buying the expandable hose is simple. Yeah just order one online or visit the local shop and bring one. But picking the right expandable hose is somewhat tricky. The market is full of different options. Unfortunately, most of those are cheap and poorly constructed. While spending money everyone wants the best from the market.

So if you want to purchase the best expandable hose for the money here is what you need to consider seriously:


While purchasing expandable hose people often tempted to collect longer one. That’s not a smart choice. Just buy one that meets your need. Longer hoses cost much also heavy to move around. A longer hose took more storing space as well.

On the other hand, a shorter expandable hose is simple to store and use. So, our suggestion for you is to purchase the size you need. Not smaller than that, nor larger than that.


Expandable hoses usually made of rubber, vinyl or both. Let me tell you about the materials briefly:


Vinyl made expandable hoses are widely popular because of their lightweight feature. Vinyl made expandable hoses are sturdy, but more prone to kicking, splitting and cracking. Also, those quickly degrade if unattended to the sun or expose to harsh weather.

The price of vinyl made expandable hose is inexpensive as well. If you need one for light works, a vinyl made option is fair enough.


The rubber made expandable hoses are the most popular type because of their strength and efficiency. Those are considered as strongest expandable hose option. The weight is high and the price is high as well. Those hoses resist cracking and withstand harsh weather.

Vinyl & Rubber Combo

The combo is also known as reinforced hoses that are made with both vinyl and rubber materials. Those are more kink resistant and ace water with huge pressure.


You can determine the strength of an expandable hose by burst pressure. Hose with 350psi and above is considered as a suitable option.


Thickness is another essential factor to consider while purchasing an expandable hose. Most of the typical expandable hose is about is a ¾ inch, 5/8 and a half inch measured based on the inside diameter. If the diameter is bigger obviously more water it will carry. It is wiser to go for the 5/8 diameter for average water flow.

The most common garden hose. They are measured based on the inside diameter. Obviously the bigger the diameter, the more water it is likely to carry


Expandable hose must be flexible enough otherwise, it will seem hard to store and use in critical corners. But don’t purchase one that is way more flexible as those kinks easily and lessen lifespan. So, purchase one that is ideally flexible, not more not less.

Magic Garden Hose: FAQs

Q: How long can an expendable hose serve?

A: It depends on the hose. If you pick one of the best expendable hose, it might serve you better for more than ten years. But there is a condition; you have to maintain the hose properly.

Q: How does an Expandable hose work?

A: When water pressure is released, the expandable hose starts spreading this is where they are different from regular hose pipes. While not in use they are smaller in size that makes them perfect for hassle-free use.

Q: How much is water pressure required for the expandable hose to operate perfectly?

A: Water pressure between 3-12 bars is better for the expandable hose to operate flawlessly.

Q: How much does it cost to pick the best magic hose?

A: Price of good quality expandable garden hose is not that high. You will get one of the best in between fifteen to sixty dollars. However, it is said that you will get what you pay for. So remember that before buying.

Final Words

Watering your lawn and garden is a must. Water keeps the grass and plants alive we all know that. But watering plants can be a hectic job if you don’t have the right tool. That’s why picking the right tool is extremely important. That’s why we already shared some of the best expandable hose options with you along with some essential buying tips. You can purchase one from the above and enjoy your watering session.

You can also check other sources if you don’t like those above options. In that case, the buying guide above is your best friend that will help you to pick the correct one.

Also, check out these cool reviews:

I am wrapping up for now. If you have anything to know, don’t forget we have a comment section here.

Share your advice with us. We will keep the blog up to date with lots of other effective tips and tricks. Till then:

Good Bye!

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